Watching the verve pipe on the Jenny McCarthy show…..


ahhhh the Jenny McCarthy show.  This is of course after her startled fame from Singled Out.  That and being an ex Playboy bunny.

Choice sentences:  “I really like Mikey he’s gone out with Sheena and Joanne but Joanne only for 4 days.”

Don’t get me wrong, Mikey J. Felice is a stand up guy, and a long time crush of mine, but I do find it funny that I long for a guy whom has been going out with two girls, but since the one was only 4 days it clearly wasn’t anything to fret about, right.    He’s happily married now.  🙂

Mention count of TITANIC has to be in the 30s to 40s now..

This is also the mention of one of the first plays I ever did!  I was Miss Fancy Blue for “Whodunit?!” with the best damn southern accent that any 7th grader in Colorado ever did see.

The title of the 2nd one always did make me laugh…..”The Mystery of the suffocated 7th grader”.  I took the role of “narrator” with deep serious volting ambition.

Must have been then that I caught the acting “bug”, eh.

I’m also pleased as punch to announce that I did in fact get that CD player I wanted .

well guys it’s 9:08 pm so…..

Love you, Mean it, Chow, Bye!



Guys, there’s gonna be a sequel to “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

This entry is a laundry list of goodies.   To this day I tell the story of how the “Blizzard of 97′” RUINED my Halloween party.  It bombarded us on the day of my party, so of course we had to cancel it.  I really wanted to keep my party, so the next weekend I had it anyway.

 At least my spread was pretty BA.


Nobody came in a costume except myself ( I was a pirate and for some reason I don’t have a picture of me, fancy that), and who could blame them really?  It was November!  I can remember everyone’s name too!  Well at least before some of them got married.  Kristy Hunter is being coy in her adidas windbreaker, while Heather Campbell is talking strategy.  From what I can see Shawn Scott and Laura Littlepage are cuttin it up.

Glenn Carlson is super serious, whilst the crush, Sean Camacho, is keeping coy Kristy company.  Campbell is still strategizing.  Who has a Halloween party in November?

And last but not least my BFF Erin cuddling up with Kindergarten friend for life, Jenn Reback.

My party didn’t suck toooo hard, I did have a pool table after all.


My favorite line in this entry:  “I went over to Danisha’s for her birthday and we went to see I Know What you Did Last Summer, it was really good but you could tell there’s gonna be a sequel.”

I am soooooooo good at telling if a movie is gonna be a sequel!  Srsly like OMG guys.

I think Kristy Hunter commented on a previous post about the next event “I also went up to Denver with the cheerleaders and I won an award with Stephanie to do an advanced dance with the Denver Nuggets dance team.”

This was a HUGE deal.   My cheerleading team went to a “cheer camp” and there were about I’d say 20 other schools there as well.  Stephanie Slack and myself were chosen out of our school along with about 30 other girls to perform during the half time show at a Denver Nuggets home game at McNichol’s Arena.  This arena no longer exists dear friends, it was replaced by the Pepsi Center.  So I in a way I made history that night, don’t you think?  I was on top of the world that night.  Ahhhh memories.

and upon further reflection of this entry I noticed that I adjusted my ending slightly

Love you

Meant It



I guess I really did mean it if I took the time to write both you instead of ya, and meant instead of mean.

PS: suck it Blizzard of 97!

A, A+, A, A, B+, A, A (I’m pretty smart guys)

My grades pretty much looked like this all through school with the exception of stupid Chemistry in 10th grade where I got a C+.  I blame Mr. Fackelman for that.  He was a really great guy with really great life lessons, he just lacked having a skill to teach any chemistry lessons.  Thus my C+.    Well that and I hate Math.

I was soooooo involved in school.  If there was a committee of some kind you better believe I tried to be a part of it.  J.A.G.S. was a peer counseling group in my junior high.  It stood for Janitell Always Gives Support.  Our mascot was the jaguar.  Pretty clever guys.  We made air brushed t-shirts from the Citadel mall and wore them on Wednesdays.  Suuuuuppper cool of us 🙂

I also remember I didn’t win this election.  To promote ourselves for it though I do remember that we would write on nametag like stickers and that would display our “campagin slogan”.  Me trying to appearl to the masses drew a nike symbol and then my slogan was “Just Do it!  Vote for Joey Thomas!”

Pretty inventive 🙂

Choice sentence: “Sean said he has a picture of me hugging him, man I wish that was now but we can’t always get what we want”

– I’m shockingly cavalier for such an age.  Almost reprimanding myself to my journal about a lesson in not always getting what we want in life.  I also find it funny that I’m hard on myself for having a B+ and that I need to “bring it up”.  I wonder what that B+ was in anyway.

Picture shout out to Sara Olson!

For reasons I’m not quite sure I loved this outfit.  Actually myself and 3 of my friends would wear the same one. White baggy sweatshirt, baggy ass wide leg jeans and nike sneakers.  It was my FAVORITE.  Yours too huh.

I have no closing to this entry so I’m gonna copy it I suppose and






I can’t, I just can’t do it.

Love Ya, Mean It, Chow, Bye

PS: Check out my Comedy group’s new blog

we’re funny.  and punny for that matter.  Just do it guys, Nike says so.

S is for sorry so short -n- sloppy


This entry is one sentence.  There is no punctuation that delineates the end of a thought and the beginning of a new one, though there are at least 17 different thoughts going on here 🙂

Oh woe is me, why can’t life go my way Dear Journal!!!!!!!!  Two words: Pity Party

I think I was semi-obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.  It was around this time that the ever famous (much to her dismay) haircut deemed “The Rachel” became popular. 


I definitely got this cut, and this is when my hair freaked out on me and became uber curly.  The Rachel cut was defined by how many different layers it had.  Now this works for those with straight hair, and this is what I had prior to puberty.  But it was right around here that I got my hair layered and unleashed the curls. I had no idea what to/or how to do my hair at this age.  So I wore it in a ponytail a lot.  Nowadays I have embraced my curls, but what a cruel world I thought it was when it initially happened. 

The large “S” that takes care of all the words next to it was a popular thing to do in notes at this time.  Random really. 


Love ya

Mean It






Stitches, Jose not Hose and funny humor….



For me I can recall a lot of things in my life with ease.  This is not the case for most.  Most people can’t rememeber every outfit they wore for the first day of school growing up, every grade.  I can. 

However I am of the belief  that there are those days that stick with you into your adult years and perhaps forever.  Days that have either something traumatic or perhaps joyous attached to them.  This is one of those super clear crisp traumatic days that I can remember every detail.  I can remember riding my bike home from Erin’s house, the car came at me outta nowhere, I swerved to avoid being hit by said car, and ran right towards my neighbor’s ,Jose not Hose (oh Joey) camper.  I put out my left hand to stop myself, but instead my hand went right through the camper window with such ease that I was surprised to find the huge gash.  Then everything moved sooooo quickly, I think I saw the gash and sorta went into shock a little cause I felt like I was in fast forward.  My neighbor ran to me with a towel and then I was on my feet running into my house where my Mom and Dad quickly reacted and got me in the car and on the way to the hospital.  I remember looking at the cut under the towel and how my skin looked really weird underneath.  Almost like a weird chicken dish with red sauce.  Anyyyyywayyy the worst part about the stitches was the shot they give you right before.  The needle was HUGE and hurt like a mo fo. 

Choice Sentences: 

1) “In my everday news life….” 

I love this.  I’m going to start more sentences this way.  In my everyday news life I just bought a bunch of bracelets.  Yay.

2) “I’m bored but I’m kinda drowsy from the tylenol so I’ll drop you a line soon (funny humor!”

what?  parentheses, funny humor, exclamation mark   ???  Is there something particularly humorous about dropping my journal a line soon?  eh.  I’m not gonna stress it obviously, but I will chuckle about it some more. 

3) “I accidently put my hand threw hose’s dads camper window”  

This image is as if my hand was severed from my body and was thrown through the camper window since I used the word “threw” instead of “through”.  Love that I later edit my journal entries and corrected Hose to Jose.  Big difference. 

Balla shout out to “Picture Perfect” with Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr.  Good flick. 





PS:                  I’m not really sure what’s happening with what I can only assume is an attempt at drawing a puddle of tears for the fact that I have to wait until December for Titanic.  How many times have I talked about Titanic in my journal now ?  87?  it’s probably give or take a few close to that number.  For that matter mentioning Romeo + Juliet is closing in on that number as well.  But in the pencil phrasing from my former self (did you expect less? 🙂


LY,MI,C,B and in my everyday news life I plan on making an awesome salad for dinner with Hose.



Childhood phone #’s by heart

Boys you may not want to read the next few sentences, Men (if you are real men, can handle it).

Getting your period for the first time is a HUGE deal, and the later in life it happens for you the more of a freak you feel like. You think. “why hasn’t it happened to me yet , what’s wrong with me?” as if jr High isn’t filled with enough angst ya have to add in this oh so lovely messy life change.  So bully for me that I was so happy to have finally gotten it. 

I’m also part of the select few individuals now when growing up you knew all of your friends home numbers by heart, and to this day I can remember all of them. I think this is a problem nowadays with cell phones doing the remembering for us. We take that knowledge for granted. I was stranded at an airport one time a few years ago because I didn’t know my ride’s number and my phones motherboard had decided to stop working mid flight. I have since adopted the 4th grade method of knowing numbers by heart again.  And don’t worry, Erin doesn’t have this number any more, so try calling it all ya want!  You’ll get some other Colorado Springs resident, but that ain’t my problem.

Choice sentences : “Jenn said she wanted to beat me up but Lindsey said no way!”

I have no recollection  that this alleged Lindsey who came to my side when Jenn (a best friend of mine at this time) wanted to beat me up. Thanks for your enthusiastic “no way!” past Lindsey I don’t remember.

“well Erin is getting aggravated so see or shall I say write you soon”

That last one is clearly missing some choice words but I’d rather keep it the way it currently is.

LY,MI,C,B so see or shall I say write you soon

YM Magazine and High School hopes


I think I’ll allow a writer’s cramp for this one. And it really looks like I took the time to write this one out very neatly. It has summer vacation written all over it, which was pretty awsome with no “e”.

My first roller coaster. Adorable. That trip was fun. Danisha’s mom missed the exit off the highway for Elitch’s about 3 times.

Choice sentences: ” I still love Leonardo DiCaprio …..

I was a brave Jr higher, askin out my crush not once but apparently many a time. I can’t ask a guy out now if he was standing in my living room after a party that I hosted, clearly not too invested in my VHS collection, but is still determined to have a discussion about it. 

YM Magazine!  I loved that magazine!! 

These are 2 issues that I actually remember owning. Leo above (duh), and Katie Holmes on the right.  I also loved Dawson’s Creek and initially only started watching the show because there was another girl Joey, though her name was Josephine.  So I’m still one of the only original full named girl Joeys I know. 

yep, I had a closet of Leo.  Obsessed much?  super much.


Now for the oh so terrible and sorta sad drawing of my hope for me in high school.

Things I can deduct I wanted based on this drawing that seem weird to me now:

1) Caterpillar eyebrows (adequately described by the amazing Stacia Neubert)

2) a huge nose?

3) a very somewhat boxy frame

4) to come off as sexy, but super coy

other than that, I guess a girl can dream yes


Happy Birthday  this weekend to the awesome Kyle Anderson!! follow him on twitter @FunctionalNerd   He’s a goooooooooooooooooood’n


LY,MI,C,B and please subscribe to YM (if it still exists)



old 8-Track Toons

My parents had an 8- track stereo that they ended up giving me when I was about 11 or 12.  I loved it oh so much and would scour thrift stores for cool “toons” to play.  I found the original Romeo and Juliet soundtrack on 8- track and would listen to the “love theme” song a lot.  The original meaning the one with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting not Leo Dicaps and Claire Danes. 

What a great film.  I love both versions.  Now, then,  probably forever. 

The song is also known as “A Time for Us”, which is an instrumental arranged by the fabulous Henry Mancini.  He also wrote my all time favorite song, “Moon River”.    Give it a listen today.  I certainly will be doing so. 
The thing about 8-tracks though is you can’t play a song on repeat.  You have to wait until the side is done.  You can jump to different songs using the buttons on the player, but as a teenager I just wanted to listen to songs on repeat .  Hey Technology today, thanks for being you and allowing me to listen to whatever song I desire for however long and have it repeat to my heart’s content!

Choice sentence :  “so see you maybe tomorrow or tonight, you never know! “
        I liken this to those invitations that people send out for a party that state a start time of say, 7pm and an end time of  “????”.  Cause this party has the possiblity of being so crazy that we can’t denote an end time folks! 
LY,MI,C,B and  7pm- ??????

High on Life


The mall, the Citadel mall specifically, was such a huge part of my junior high life.  It was always such a big deal to be dropped off at the mall with your besties and be able to roam the shops at will without supervision.  NIKE also apparently sponsored my entire year of 1997.

High on Life was an amazing end of year assembly/obstacle course type event that Janitell held every year to promote being “high on life” rather than drugs.  I suppose a Jr. High D.A.R.E. type assembly if you will. The upperclassmen would compete in different physical activities with the lower classmen.  And of course being me, I have some pics from this event below for you


This is the tug of war that we apparently “kicked ass” in.  We do look pretty promising here.



Now this picture depicts me in all my white scrunchie glory leading the pack in a “log walk.”  That was pretty difficult, but awesome. Looks like Mr. Utter and Mr. Vsetecka were hovering pretty close to make sure we didn’t cheat.  Look at that crowd!


LY,MI,C,B and just do it.  NIKE.

2002 seems so far away. Then and now.

I am so “relived” that I wrote this entry. I’m amazed at what extent I give actual life to my journal.  I’m downright sorry that my journal somehow got “lost” in my closet, AND I don’t want my journal to get mad at me if it happens again. Really Joey? I’m surprised I never named my good friend. Like Journaleeah, or Lady Diary.

I got to leave school that day to see SCREAM in the theater with my Mom. That was such a fun day.  Movies and the Citadel mall, good times. And of course in case you were curious if I still had those 02 earrings, please see awesome current picture of me below.

02 for class of ’02. When I got them I thought that year seemed so far away. I suppose I feel the same way now, just reversed. Time is a sneaky mistress.  It’s the year of my 10 year reunion.  Those always seem like something that never actually happens.  They come around and you hear about other people going to them, but it’s one of those things you never think you’ll ever do.

Choice sentences: “Anyway I’m so glad I have your to talk to your like a good friend to talk to.”   Edit me now please.

“Jennifer thinks I stole her earrings but I didn’t , why would I do that? Because I have my own earrings”

whew, problem solved!!

“Lately weve had 2 dances. I went to the Valentine’s Day Dance but not the Blast From the Past because I had forgotten”    I say this is bullshit 8th grade Joey, I betcha ya didn’t forget at all, cause you know schools don’t let you forget that sort of thing. They’ve got posters plastered everywhere.   But “oh well”

LY, MI, C , B and don’t get mad if I skip a day 🙂

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